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VMEbus SCSI Mass Storage Module

The BI-0316 Mass Storage Module allows the integration of such devices as floppy disk and hard disk drives, DAT tape units and WORM devices into compact mass-storage subsystems for VMEbus systems.

The features of the BI-0316 include:

SCSI Connectivity
SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and SCSI-3 interfaces are supported
8- and 16 bit devices can be mixed on one module
Single and Differential mode is supported
Asynchronous and Synchronous mode is supported
Ultra FAST and WIDE modes supported, giving up to 40MB/s transfer rate
SCSI bus is accessible through 68 pin high density connector on the front panel

VMEbus Connectivity
SCSI bus available on User Defined pins on VMEbus P2 connector
Uses only power from VMEbus
VMEbus IACK and Bus Grant routed on BI-0316 to facilitate ADC backplanes
ACFAIL* can be used by SCSI drives that support power failure signal

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